Creating  Joy Through Color

creating joy through 
color is our mission
by telling your story through murals...the joy is exponential! Are your walls ready?
HappiLY placed brush strokes are filled with your favorite colors and memories.  Watch Your visions come to life before your eyes with a custom mural BY BECCA.

                               Covid-19 Announcement:

Hello art lovers!  What a crazy time in our World right now.  I just want you to know that murals are a big decision.  It's your story and we want to get it right.  We meet, I learn about your wishes, we get to know each other a bit.  I take the time to pin point exactly what you want with painted proposals.  It's important, I'll be in your home, your child's room, your business so everyone is joyfully involved.  Now that you have decided to entertain a conversation with a mural artist...this Corona Virus is changing us. 


We can still go through the planning process.  You can email magazine tear sheets, pix, photos and I can paint a proposal or two to see if we are on the same page. We can still plan, so let's talk about your story and see if we will be a good fit when the time comes.  The outside murals will be first!

           In addition to custom murals...commissions, any size (almost) are your's for the asking!

This client didn't want the entire fence filled with a these three vignettes peak through their foliage for a perfect complement!  It's a total of 16' with all three vignettes combined.  My client has a big personality and said yes immediately when asked to describe her pleasure with my work.


Murals by becca has been transforming South Florida residences and businesses with Riotous color and themes for
20 years.

10'x 8' underwater mural...My client had wooden fish to hang on it!


Faux Skylight mural in a tray ceiling...

15' x 15'

22' mural on a Shadow Box Fence


10' x 8' Tropical Mural to replace one the client did!

Kid's room mural 8' x 6' in the boy's bedroom!


Faux walls with metallic glaze and door to complement!

A 16' x 8' trompe l'oeil mural depicting my client's sailboat. It's a town home, so he needed a big wall of doors looking over his private lagoon with his 'yacht' to open the place up.


1.  Schedule A    Consult

2.  watch your vision come to life

3. Enjoy the space we've created together for years to come

Murals by Becca will transform your residence, your kid's room, your lanai, your tray ceiling or your commercial space, for starters. We mix glorious color...taking your room from a neutral base color to an extraordinary example of your passions or mission with a Mural or decorative wall treatment.

"Becca Butler Clark...the best in Miami without a doubt!  She did our house more than 10 years ago and we are still eNjoying her work every single day!!!"                             Beatriz & Alberto Crespo

"Thanks so much Betty and Bert.  Sheer Joy letting me join the creative collaborations for your home."   Becca Butler Clark

murals by becca

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