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My love and wonder of all that is tropical such as exotic wildlife, glistening flora, bright pink beaches and our very own teeming coral reefs is where I shine.  My work is synonymous with Florida, the Caribbean and our delicious botanical and underwater world are some highlights.  Look a little further to see the endless adventures, stories, fairytales and comedies for your walls or ceilings to tickle yours or your child's imagination that fill this site.  If you don't see what your muse and tear sheets call to you here...let's discuss your ideas and I'll show you a couple of watercolor washes to see if we are on the same page.  Next... the proposal.  Then... you decide.

It’s easy to get started.  I have an easy personality where we both interpret your muse.  We talk, we laugh, we listen and possibly play your favorite music while we plan.  We will use your budget to decide what, where and how big. 



Let Murals by Becca help your business too, connect to your brand, relax your staff and clients, tell your story and let productivity flourish. 


Art is pretty amazing!

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Need a window, call me...I'll Paint it i
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