This page is specifically here to show the diversity of a mural artist. I am  philanthropic in that I paint on a small scale for fundraisers, as gifts, barter deals for our cat sitter or just plain gifts for family and friends!  When I paint for my own pure joy it's water color as my first choice and then acrylic when I am so moved.  In this area you will find some of my "365 Paintings in 365 Days" (will have a page for my shop soon); bookmarks; cards; and gifts I make for folks...yup...tiny paintings!

I may call this the "Store".  Not all of these paintings are part of the "365 Paintings in 365 Days" series, yet a lot are. This series of 365 paintings was a challenge I pulled off when we got back from cruising the caribbean on our 34' sailboat.  I hash tagged each painting with #muralsbybecca on 12 social media sites everyday promoting my mural biz.  There are still hundreds of originals or a giclée, either paper or canvas.  I'm hoping a few of these here will spark an interest.  They are generally $100 each.  Most are 9"x 12" watercolors and a lot are acrylic canvases of various sizes.  I am getting the store set up or you can reach out and we can look at the catalogue together!

murals by becca

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