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Pricing and Procedures at a Glance

Even if you like the work you see on someone's site, like this's hard to make a decision when you have no idea what the procedure or pricing could be!  


I can tell you that I know exactly how that feels, so this page is bringing all the questions out front for full transparency.  Every client is different and that's why I love what I do.  The diversity is what makes this mural artist so excited with each and every client I meet!

Feel free to call if you want me to send you an excel sheet to show you the range of pricing.

Acrylic on Walls, 9' x 6' Breakfast nook

This is a 5'x10' tropical mural in a breakfast nook.

It was $15 psf (per square foot) x 50sf (square feet)= $800

Let's discuss your dream project...

Mural rATes:

$10psf (per square foot) to $50 psf  (per square foot) depending on the difficulty or complexity of the subject matter.

It's so easy to meet, discuss your wishes, measure and then your first painted proposal is free!  Estimates are free too!

The rates below fall within a one story range.  We have scaffolding for the average sized mural.  I have access to  rental companies when more scaffolding is needed for larger jobs.   I charge $100 for painted proposals after the first complementary one.  If we get the contract, that amount is deducted from the contract price. 

What's your pleasure, Watercolor, 40x40,

This is a 40"x40" watercolor of a royal poincianna bloom.  It was sold to the CEO of Fairchild Tropcial Botanic Garden. I'm ready to paint a commission for you or a gift for you to give.


Size, content and framing all are elements that decide the cost.  Let's expore together!

Every commission is different...the only way to start is with a call and meeting!  It's fun to create together!


Metallic Leaf, gold, silver, or copper.  There's 24k or imitation.  You decide the budget and we make it happen!


silver LEAF

copper leaf

It costs nothing to discuss and imagine.

Furniture, frames, chairs, shelves...the possibilities are enless!

Medical Office Warmth

There are so many possibilities.  You decide the color, pick a technique you love...We do samples until you're happy. The next step is the proposal.

faux rates or decorative wall finishes

$3psf to $10psf depending on the number of layers we use for the technique you choose.

When we meet...We can start perusing  sample boards, checking online, looking at your tear sheets...then I do samples...The cost of samples are $50 ea.  I will do as many as it takes to  achieve exactly what you want.  When we get the contract, the cost of the samples get deducted from the total price.  If you decide to wait for a later date or hire another company, we at least get paid for the materials and some time to find your favorite finish.


This illustration is for a children's book on nano technology. 

I really think this could catch on.  Lots of children's book authors can find me here!

Book Illustrations

Every writer has a vision...let's match your creations with what you want from us!  How beautiful is that?

I take your words and translate them into the images that complement them..  It's just that first step...


We seriously love working on a large scale, hence Murals...yet tiny paintings like bookmarks tickle our heart strings...hopefully yours.


Starts @ $15 for a set of 4

They are so unique...we decide together, if it's long distance, there's email, texting or social media. Great gift idea.  So personalized.   We prefer the face to face, smile to smile meeting.


I've been painting furniture for years and the pieces always sell.  This chair set was painted in a metallic bronze, with a teal verdigris top coat.


Would you like to talk now?

Love a challenge...we can search the piece or pull it from your file and create whimsical, beautiful custom pieces.

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