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As you probably know...kid's minds are like sponges.  When you place a stimulus in their midst, their minds take off and they want to know more.  A colorful Mural by Becca is a sure way to inspire!  

You will be excited to find that your child will guide you to their creative choices.   Sure their interests change...we change with you!  We are proud to say that our clients feel like they have an artist on call.

All my clients get a little gift after a
Honey Pots and Bees.jpg
Nursery Mural.jpg

This amazing couple found me on Instagram.  Their baby girl was about to be born and that's when we started the conversation.  They sent their wishes for the tree, for the characters they wanted and I did my famous watercolor washes to make sure we were on the same page!  They are thrilled and now Arabella has an artistic room to grow into!

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