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Creating Joy thru Color




Rebecca Butler Clark is Murals by Becca and it all started when Zoroya Studios cut the umbilical cord in 2001.  After 10 years of onsite learning and studying with Tom…Murals by Becca was born.  She gratefully comes from a place of fabulous talent, business acumen and confidence extraordinaire.  It rubbed off.

That means she connects to your muse for your residence or commercial space to tell your story through art on walls.  We start by discussing your kitchens, lanai’s, game rooms, family room or kids’ room themes in homes, for starters.  What you may need is to connect your company’s brand with murals in or on your building.  Whether it’s exterior or interior statements you are making, Murals by Becca will be showcasing your brand by enhancing connections in the communities you serve.  Let’s start a “joy through color” movement together…everything is better together.   Let’s help embellish our lives, businesses, public art spaces and schools with murals.  This is the world’s richest and oldest form of storytelling for people of all ages.


“Creating Joy through Color”.  Murals by Becca gets to learn about you and explore your storyline to give you a mural you can enjoy for years to come.  Now that’s joy.  Murals by Becca was born to serve!  She paints for you, that’s the beauty of custom art on a grand scale.  She loves large commissions too and some clients in transition like the transportable nature of canvas work.  Becca’s long term goal is to hire and keep young artists busy by telling south Florida’s magical tapestry of stories through murals.   Just think, your story can be told visually for years and then passed on… how cool is that?

Becca was told early on that she should get a “real job” and do art on the side.  However, creativity was exploding early on with her first camera, darkroom, clay, glass or sculpture while capturing our natural world she was exposed to regularly.   So she got a foot in the door of this massive broadcast industry.  A “real job”.  The broadcast industry gave her an idyllic “National Geographic” lifestyle.  Exploring our world, photographing and creating films that moved people, sold you something or told other people’s stories was pretty cool and very creative…in a box.  Whether it be a commercial, documentary, training film, docudrama she was telling stories with motion pictures.  Becca was always drawn to the studio jobs, set designs, storyboards and scenic creations of every film she produced for 20 years.  


Then she moved to Miami in 1990 to bloom.  

Murals by Becca helps you stand out as a parent who teaches with art or a business who wants to connect your brand with your community through Murals by Becca.  When it starts with YOU, your winning story can be another way to elicit peace, love and harmony and make murals a go to solution.   She loves a good challenge and that’s what painted proposals are for. Challenge her! She has 30 years of happily painting Miami’s stories. You will quickly see that you are heard, pleased and glad you chose Murals by Becca. 


Inviting you on a magical tapestry of stories and murals. 



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Simone, UX Designer, Brushed

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