meet the artist...Becca Butler Clark

When you grow up in "Bal'more", ummm, Baltimore, with the likes of John Waters, the zany local just can't help but get bit by the whimsical, creative mural bug! 


Now I have diverse clients with all their interests, passions and travels for this zany artist to emulate.  When I paint for you,  your home or office it's bringing your wishes and my talent together for a perfectly symbiotic relationship.

At Murals by Becca, I specialize in Wow.  My murals transform your space in the South Florida market, whisking you off to the place your imagination is calling you to surround yourself. 

I take YOUR vision, match it with my talent and give people something to talk about for years.  


Working on a large scale while achieving JOY THROUGH COLOR for YOU!


 20 years of thrilling others with happiness, joy and art that speaks to YOU.

I create joy through color for your residence or business by connecting to your muse or your brand.   It's riotous color, creative brush strokes and meeting your wishes that is the number one priority for Murals by Becca.  It's your ideas that begin our conversation.

Your personal Artist, Me

serving others:

When I serve you, we plan together, we discuss how it's possible for Murals by Becca to achieve your goal, then create a color wash to see if we are on the same page!  That's when the magic begins.  It's all about YOU!  When you have been served to utter satisfaction, we are ecstatic too!



I make every decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves my clients. Murals by Becca's mission..."Creating joy with color for YOU!"

make a difference:

As an environmentalist, it's important to make a difference.  When I do murals that inspire, educate, cause affirmative action and learning, it is the reason we create joy through color! 


This client wanted to place their family values on the walls of their breakfast nook.  Great collaboration.



I am reliable, responsible, reasonable in pricing and dedicated to matching my brushstrokes to  your vision.  Perfectly creating your vision is so rewarding.  Read what a few of my clients have stated in the Testimonial Page.


Mission:  Creating Joy with Color!


Georgia Okeefe, John Waters, Barry Levinson, Ansel Adams, Henri Rousseau, Clyde Butcher, Annie Leibovitz, Woody Allen, Frank Capra, and the list is long. I'm proud to be among some really great artists, right here in South Florida ...Tina Salvesen, Dana Donaty, Judith Salomon Darucaud, Tom Zoroya (my mentor), Bob Pellegrini and this list is loooooong too!


Virlane and Larry Dunn:


"Becca painted a mural on our outdoor shadowbox fence.  People are in awe of how beautiful it is.  Not only is she a wonderful artist, but a delightful person.  We also purchased a painting from her 365 Paintings in 365 Days exhibit last year and love it!"

Rafael Lima is a local author, artist too,  and we met at my yard sale.  He wanted to know if I could do a project for his family and this directional sign for their yard depicting their favorite places.

                                                    "Original, Whimsical, Crafted.  Unique Work".   Says Rafael



murals by becca

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