We love our's how...

It's amazing how many t-shirts that we use for rags. Sometimes it's from thrift stores in a pinch. Then there are old sheets, and bar towels that are too stained for the kitchen are now paint rags.  We love to recycle!

Until I learn how to make yogurt, butter or sour cream, for example, I will use these containers and their their lids for my paints.

Apparently there are really cool frisbees these days...I use old ones from thrift stores for palettes.  I use large paint container lids, egg cartons and food container lids all work too!

Using grocery bags for refuse keeps them from our landfills and ultimately from our oceans.

Murals by Becca makes every effort to use locally sourced materials.  This saves on fuel costs for air and land helping our creative juices by eliminating the worry about climate control.

Murals by Becca does our part in changing the way paint sources conform to low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) elements. 

Murals by Becca has stopped using oil based products changing to water based paints making them safer for you and your family, staff or clients.

murals by becca

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