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When clients share their love of your work it makes your heart sing!  Take a look: 

Angel Dezange...Met this lovely woman at the Home Show.  She showed me what she wanted and I gave her a price on spot.  She had so much confidence in my talent that I didn't have to paint a "sample".


"Excellence...with five stars...speaking of her work of art.  Her personality is just as wonderful.  I'm so blessed to have you in my home making my dream come true!!!  Be blessed in I can't wait for the next project!"


Steve Plotkin, President, the Home Design and Remodeling Show "welcomes Rebecca Butler to it's March 2019 event at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center.  Becca Specializes in murals like this in a tray ceiling ending up being a faux skylight.  Her client's wish was to lie in bed and view the trees above their master suite and it was a huge success!  Check out her work.  'It's the One'!"


Rafael Lima...Rafael is a local writer who is quite entertaining and wildly prolific.  We met at our yard sale.  He asked that day if we could talk about a project he wanted me to execute for his family's yard.

                                                          "Original, Whimsical, Crafted.  Unique Work!" says Rafael.


Monica and Gerry Del Amo:

"Becca is a wonderful artist and such a nice person.  She did a wall mural for us a few years ago that still looks great.  When she finished, I asked if she would do the pelican mural on the other wall as a surprise for Monica.  She loved it!  We also bought a couple of small works from her at her 365 Paintings in 365 Days exhibit that are unique and beautiful!"                  


Virlane and Larry Dunn.  Virlane commented on a friend's facebook post of fence murals.  She said, "I would love to have someone do that for us." This is what transpired.


"Becca painted a mural on our outdoor shadowbox fence.  People are in awe of how beautiful it is.  Not only is she a wonderful artist but a delightful person.  We also purchased a painting from her art show last spring and love it!"



Susan Fox, MD, and Rebeca Cohen:  This is my doctor and she kicked off my mural biz with her office, her master suite, her kitchen, and her family room ceiling. 


"Becca painted our kitchen/entertainment room's ceiling/walls to match the wood and coral stone of the house.  She transformed our home and office with her creative art.  I will recommend Becca at any time.  We are very pleased with her jobs and professionalism."  Rebeca Cohen.


Jane Sprogis:   "Becca listens carefully and then has the knack to present your personality in her art."


Geoff Sutcliff.  The Rear Commodore of the Coconut Grove Sailing Club, saw my car in the parking lot.  He has wanted a mural for a while now and finally found me.  Right under his nose at our sailing club.  

"Great mural up the staircase in my apartment.  Very personalized, showing my boat and me!"


Raeleen Clark and Family...


"Becca did three murals in our home.  Unfortunately when we put our home on the market, I didn't get a chance to get any of the other murals photographed.  This one was in my youngest son's room.  He wanted a picture of his Grampa's sailing club with monkeys, our dog, birds, etc. in the background.  You show her a picture or your ideas and she'll give you what you want!"

Firefighter's Fire Room Addition.jpg

Marlyn Asbel.  "Becca is an amazing artist.  I am fortunate to have a few of her small paintings in my home.  She is so detail oriented and it shows in all of her work.  Besides her landscape and environmental subjects appearing so realistic, her work is also rich in color, light and texture".


Trace Barfield.  "I had the absolute pleasure of designing Becca's first website.  Through the process, I discovered one of South Florida's most hidden gems.  I was fortunate enough to take in her stunning floral scenes, mesmerizing interpretations of subtropical fauna, abstract portraits destined to create the "sixth star" in online reviews.  If it's Murals by Becca...the answer is YES!"

MBB Logo Scanned.jpg

Carol Reddish. 


"This is the beautiful watercolor Becca painted for me as a thank you for assisting with her art show last year!  She will do whatever her client's request.  Her murals are breathtaking!"                     

Dudley Clark"I love the mural you did on my wall."


Dudley Clark   I love the mural on my wall!

Trompe L'oeil of Biscayne Bay right out

Lisa and Marc Cabrera...They saw the advertising on my car in Coconut Grove and the rest is below.  "Rebecca was a pleasure to work with and was completely flexible and accommodating with our project which turned out beautiful.  There is probably nothing she won't try to achieve to get the exact result you desire." 

Full Shot of Family Credo mural...jpg
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